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How It Works


How it works


Safety can only be ensured when we thoroughly look at all aspects of our formula below. When any factor changes, such as a different car seat or car, we customize our research and approach. That also means price will be impacted if you have more than one of each factor.  In-home consults start at $145.

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For additional questions or to receive an estimate, please contact us below.


  1. A little form(al)
    Please fill out the form below to get started.
  2. Save the date
    Within 48 hours, we’ll get back to you to discuss pricing and scheduling. A down payment is required to reserve your appointment.
  3. Never too much info
    You’ll give us a little more info so we can customize your appointment.
  4. Sign off
    You’ll sign a waiver that is standard for these types of services.
  5. Give the go-ahead
    We’ll confirm everything and send tips for your visit with your appointment reminder.


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