Home is where our Consults Are

Our at-home consults are convenient, kid-friendly, and include one child, one car, and one car seat. We offer one, very thorough and customized consult because this isn’t a car seat “check”. We cover all of these things that you must know to ensure your kid is safe in their seat:

Prior to our meeting, we review all the details on your specific car/car seat/child. This empowers us to make your custom checklist and preps us for our discussion on critical safety factors.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you have a car seat or still need to buy one, we’ll discuss the specifics of your seat and the next stage too!

Should your child be rear or forward facing? Are they ready to switch?

The place to be
We’ll cover where the safest place for a child is in your car. This is ideal for those adding another car seat to the equation.

Install ins and outs
We’ll teach/review installation of the car seat and discuss common misuse scenarios to avoid.

Settle in for the ride
We’ll teach, review, and practice how to harness a child. If your little one hasn’t been born yet, we’ll use a training doll.

Stickin’ to it
We’ll place stickers on your car seat that include emergency contact info and reminders of next steps.

Practice makes perfect
With plenty of time to chat and practice, we won’t leave until you’re comfortable and confident.

Family matters
We’re always looking out for our Safe in the Seat family! In addition to serving as a go-to for any questions, you’ll get recall info for up to six months and lifetime access to our private Facebook group.


These add-on services are for those who’ve signed up for or completed their at-home consult:

Can’t coordinate schedules to get all caretakers to attend the at-home consult? We’ll stop by and recap everything. Please note that this applies to the same car, car seat, and child.

It takes a village
Want to make sure your child is just as safe in a grandparent, nanny, or other caretaker’s car? This add-on will get them up to speed on what we reviewed if we’re talking about the same child and car seat.

Safety in numbers
If you have more than one car seat, car, or child, we can take care of that at the same time. Just be sure to let us know how many of each we’re working with!

Double Check
Second guessing yourself after our visit? Don’t worry! We’ll take another look to give you some peace of mind.

You Name the Place

For those of you that might need something a little different than our at-home consult, we also offer these alternate location services:

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Email, phone, or a little bit of both, these consults can cover a variety of topics like if another car seat will fit in your car or what to do if you’ve been in an accident. Please note that we can’t check installation/harnessing virtually.


[ra_icon_box template=”shadow” type=”svg” title=”BABY IT’S TIME” image=”4591″ css=”.vc_custom_1526331175730{background-color: #ffffff !important;}” svg_height=”65px”]

Congrats! Your little one has arrived. We can come to your home or even the hospital to help you secure your child.


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When the wall of car seat options has you wanting to run out of the store, we can help! We’ll join you on a shopping trip to pick the right one for your child, your car, and you!?