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When we found out we were expecting baby number 3, one of the first things I thought about was if our car would safely fit three car seats. Thankfully, I knew who to call. I had worked with Michelle before when we turned our daughter forward facing and she was phenomenal. Once again, her expertise was invaluable. She helped me research cars, ask all the right questions when at the dealership and find a car that would meet our growing family’s need. So thankful to have such a tremendously helpful resource when navigating through all this confusing and critically important car seat safety stuff.

– Liz G.

SITS Testimonial - Galbraith
SITS Testimonial - Edge Family

Before we met with Michelle, I would have considered my husband and I pretty in the know about car seat safety. We have a 19 month old and 1 month old twins. I contacted Michelle to come over and double check our installation of the car seats. Let’s just say we definitely had some things to learn and change. We reinstalled all 3 car seats and made adjustments to how we were harnessing the kids in. Like I said, I thought we were pretty on top of this stuff, but it is clear to me that keeping the kids safe in the car is both an art and a science and one that required an expert who knows a lot more than we do. We invest all this money in to quality car seats, but if we aren’t installing them properly it doesn’t matter what we spend! Her services are a MUST for all parents concerned about the safety and well-being of their little ones.

– Sara E.

I was pretty confident that our car seats were installed correctly, but if there is one thing I am not taking a chance with, it is my daughter’s safety. I contacted Michelle to check my seats and soon learned that what she offers is so much more than a “car seat check”. She knew all of the details and customized everything to our daughter, our cars, our car seats, and our schedule. I must admit, she did find some things that needed corrected. My husband and I are so relieved that we invested in her services and now know we have controlled all we can to ensure our daughter is as safe in her seat as she can be!

– Christy H.

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SITS Testimonial - Alli

This Mimi is so grateful to Michelle for teaching me all I needed to know about my granddaughter’s car seat! A lot has changed since I had car seats in my car and I really wanted to invest the time and money in to ensuring I could safely take my granddaughter to ballet class! Michelle made this process easy as she came directly to my home! Her knowledge of all the things I wouldn’t have ever known I needed to know was, in a word, IMPRESSIVE! I highly recommend her services, to keep our most precious ones as safe as they can be in their seats! Thank you Michelle!

– Allisson