swivels 360

Swivel car seats allow you to rotate the car seat so that it’s facing you when you are loading or unloading the child. It makes harnessing and buckling much easier. These seats rotate 360 degrees.

rigid lower anchors

Unlike flexible lower anchors on the end of a strap, rigid lower anchors are steel bars that protrude out directly from the steel frame of the car seat and attach directly to your vehicle’s lower anchors. This connection style is generally considered a user-friendly...

rear-facing tether

A rear-facing tether is a strap that routes around and behind the car seat and anchors to a designated tether position on the vehicle seatback. Rear-facing tethers limit car seat rotation during...

flame retardant-free

Fabric was manufactured without the use of a group of potentially hazardous chemicals called flame retardants. See more here.
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