Keep your child safe in the seat.

In-depth car seat safety courses and resources for parents of infants to big kids.

If you’re looking for help with…


Selecting a car seat


Mom/car seat hacks


Safe sleep in car seats


Airplane travel with car seats


Proper installation & harnessing


Car seat care & cleaning


Vehicle fit & compatibility


Proper ages & stages 

You’re in the right place.

Riding in a car is the most dangerous thing we do with our children.

And over 95% of us are unintentionally putting them at risk. Let me partner with you to keep your child ASAP (as safe as possible) in their car seat. I guarantee you will ride away safer and with a bit more peace of mind.

As a mom, I know that peace of mind is everything.

I’ve been where you are—unsure of whether my child is safe, not knowing how to properly secure a car seat, feeling overwhelmed and needing some guidance.

Can I ease your mind? Car seat safety is very technical and incredibly difficult to get right, so I’m here to help alleviate all the stress and worry associated with car seat safety preparedness, judgement free.

At Safe in the Seat, we give you peace of mind and confidence that you’re doing exactly what is needed to secure your child (and your child’s seat) safely and properly. We even help nannies, grandparents and other caregivers to ensure your entire support team is equipped for every ride.

Get Confident in Your Car Seat

1. Learn about car seat safety

People either think that car seats are a cakewalk or that you need a PhD to figure it out. Car seats are complicated, but completely doable. Learn how car seats work to build a foundation to keep your child safe.

2. Get the resources

We’ve designed resources to remove the mystery of car seats. Whether you want a course, mini course or some quick checklists, we’ve got you covered.

3. Discover car seat confidence

Whether you’re bringing home your baby for the first time or making thoughtful changes to protect your growing child, you’ll feel confident every time you buckle up!

You want your kids to be safe in the car seat. I want to help.

Practical Training

Our resources and courses are practical and give you clear instructions that you can start implementing right away.

Trusted Guide

As a Nationally Certified Car Seat Safety Technician, you can trust the training you see is backed by research and experience.

Safety First

Safety first. Period. Our resources are geared toward making sure your little one is safe in their car seat. Always.