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car seat anxiety is real.

Car seat installation seems simple, yet anxiety hits the moment you buckle your baby for the first time, wondering if you’ve already put them at risk. It can feel like you need a PhD just to understand them and googling “car seat safety” is totally information overload.

you don't have to feel overwhelmed with car seat safety.

safe in the seat courses

The Infant Course

For baby’s first year of car seats

The course helps answer questions like:

  • Why is car seat safety important?
  • How long does my child have to be in a car seat?
  • How do I install my car seat?
  • How do I buckle the seat safely?
  • and much more!
Wheels Up: Airplane Travel Course

For air travel with all ages

The course helps answer questions like:

  • What do I need to know about air travel with my baby?
  • How do I install my car seat on the plane?
  • What do I need to pack to make this flight with my family a breeze?
Car Seat Buying Kits

Choose your stage and get the guide

The course helps answer questions like:

  • What should I look for in my child’s car seat? 
  • How do I ensure a car seat is the right size for my child? 
  • What type of safety features do I need? 
  • How can I find an affordable, safe car seat for my child?
The Convertible Course

For your longest car seat stage

The course helps answer questions like:

  • When is my baby ready to transition to a convertible car seat?
  • How do I use the parts and pieces of my seat?
  • How do I install my seat?
  • How do I harness my child?
  • and much more!

“I was feeling so anxious about car seats for my newborn. There are so many unknowns, but Michelle is an expert. The course is so organized and flows well, though my favorite part is her encouragement. She never makes me feel silly or stupid for not knowing something.”

-Katie P.

get confident in your car seat.

learn about car seat safety.

People either think that car seats are a cakewalk or that you have to be a rocket scientist to get it right. Car seats are complicated but completely doable. Learn how car seats work to build a foundation to keep your child safe.

get the resources.

We’ve designed resources to remove the mystery of car seats. Whether you want a course, 1:1 consultation or some quick checklists, we’ve got you covered.

discover car seat confidence.

If you’re bringing home your baby for the first time or making thoughtful changes to protect your growing child, you’ll feel confident every time you buckle up!

“Car seat safety can be the difference between life and death. As a new momma, I feel confident knowing the things I can do to keep my baby safe! Totally worth the investment and peace of mind that I now have knowing the how and why to [car seat safety].”

-Jennifer L.

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