Michelle Pratt, mom of two, Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Expert, confidence builder and non-judgmental supporter.

I’m passionate about helping parents feel confident that they’re doing all they can to keep their kids safe in the seat. As a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Expert, I have spent years consulting with parents just like you – parents who simply need guidance or reassurance when it comes to traveling safely with their kids.

I’m teaming up with mamas to remove the mystery of car seats. Together we’re turning confusion into car seat confidence. The community of followers trusts me. They know they can count on me to help them tackle their child’s greatest risk in a supportive and empowering way.

As a divorced mom of two, I’m intentionally open about navigating the ups and downs of co-parenting, building a business, and the daily challenges of motherhood. My mission is about creating awareness, connecting with other mamas, encouraging, inspiring, and empowering them to protect their children through car seat safety.

I am navigating motherhood right along with my followers. As one of them, I’ve built a brand of trust and loyalty because I get it. I feel what they feel first-hand. I’m a mom who has good and bad days – days full of worries, sadness, and anxiety. Like so many in my community, I am surviving not thriving in my role as a mother, and am a voice that offers comfort, camaraderie, and compassion – in all things mom life.

My approach is non-judgmental, full of love, and support, and intolerant of shame. We are a community of predominantly women from all walks of life; mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends; most consider themselves caregivers. We share a commitment to safety, are savvy, quick to share content with friends, and very discriminating when it comes to the authenticity of the content.

Why I Started Safe in the Seat

As a first-time parent, I found very little support around one critically important aspect: car seats. When I couldn’t find a go-to resource to help me navigate this complex part of my child’s safety, I took matters into my own hands. I became the expert I needed and founded Safe in the Seat in 2018.

What is Safe in the Seat

This is a safe space. Safe in the Seat not only keeps kids safe in their seat, but it’s a safe space for parents to figure things out. We know that car seats are complicated and instruction manuals are confusing. We also know that planning a nursery is way more fun than understanding your vehicle latch system.

We won’t call you out. Safe in the Seat educates publicly but corrects privately. We’ll never call anyone out publicly for using their car seat incorrectly. But you better believe we want to ensure you learn everything you need to know about using your car seat safely.

Through online courses, such as The Infant Course and our car seat buying kits, personalized virtual consults, video how-tos, and daily doses of safety tips and tricks, I’m empowering caregivers to keep their most precious cargo safe in the seat. I’ll help you answer not only questions like “which car seat should I buy?” and “how the heck do I use it?” but also “am I doing this mom thing right?”

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