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Baby, It’s HOT in Here!

Getting into a car that has been baking in the sun for hours is THE WORST. As a Florida native, beating the heat is something I am still trying to figure out, but what I DO know are several car seat safety tips to keep your little ones safe in the (hot) seat.

Baby, It’s HOT in Here!

1. Lightweight clothing

Dress for success with light, breathable fabrics. Most adults know the red-hot feeling of unprotected flesh touching the car’s seat or seat belt. Are we in the car or the depths of hell? It can send you flying. When it comes to clothing, let’s do our kiddos a solid and make sure body parts exposed directly to the harness and buckles are always covered — no direct skin contact. Let’s not add a trip to the ER on a hot day. This means clothes always go on over bathing suits!

You can use a car seat sun shade cover or a car seat cooler to keep the temperature down while your car is parked. Just be sure to remove it and store it safely while you’re driving!

2. Crank the car’s AC

Before you even think about getting in the car, you’ve got some quick steps to take — and friends, this one IS a race, so get moving. Ready, set …. turn on the ignition, get alllll the windows and car doors open to release the hot air and put the AC on full freakin’ blast. If you want to show off, point the vents towards the roof of the car. Hot air rises, so beam the air out of the vents to the hot zone. You did it! Now, take a deep breath because you need to give this cooling process a hot minute. The longer the car has been sitting, the longer this may take. Namaste calm, chill out, and wait for the cool. Pro tip: If you have more than one adult with you, it never hurts to send someone ahead to initiate the cooling process.

3. It’s not rocket science, use your Noggle!

If your car is a little older and doesn’t have vents in the back, or if you just want to give your kids the VIP AC experience, check out a product called The Noggle. It’s awesome at redirecting air, which can be helpful during the initial cool-down process. This product is also great because it’s safe to use in transit, so your kiddos can keep the cool breeze coming and be in charge of regulating their own temperature by positioning their Noggle exactly where they want it. Oh yeaaaaa, a safe product that satisfies their never-ending desire for independence — who doesn’t love that?! It’s like we sort of know what we are doing sometimes, right?! Purchase it from here and you’ll snag a discount!

4. Park smart

Think about how much direct sun exposure your car is getting. When you can, park in a shady spot, or use a windshield visor when the car is parked. Window tinting, clings, or sunshades are great preventative measures to help offset the sun beating in your car making it feel like an oven. If you’re thinking about using sunshades while driving to block the rays from your kiddos, buy the ones that wrap around the window — these are your safest option because they are less likely to become projectiles. If you’re like me and like to be told exactly which ones are safe, as always, check my Amazon page. I’m here to make it easy for you!

5. Just say NO!

Friendly reminder, this isn’t the time to put anything between your child and their car seat — this also means avoiding any after-market products that claim to be safe for this scenario. They aren’t! Just wait it out, give it five — the car will cool down and the feeling of extreme heat usually goes away after the air is on and you settle in.

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