If you’ve been with us for a while or you’ve done a lot of research on car seat safety, you know that it’s safest to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. However, we’d all be lying if we said that rear-facing didn’t come with challenges! But, there are tools and tips we can use to make using rear-facing seats easier since we all know safety is the number one priority! 

One of the most stressful parts of using rear-facing car seats is not being able to see your child in your rearview mirror. This can be especially anxiety-inducing for moms of infants who can’t speak yet! Luckily, baby car seat mirrors can give you the view you need to ensure your baby is safe. But, we don’t recommend every baby car seat mirror out there. 

So, before you buy a baby car mirror, check out our safe and functional recommendations:

5 Baby Car Mirrors: See Your Baby Safely

Travel Bug Soft-Sided Mirror

Best Baby Car Mirror Travel Bug Mirror

We like this Travel Bug mirror first because it’s soft-sided and has shatter shatter-resistant acrylic surface! This makes it safe for use in a vehicle since it won’t become a dangerous projectile in a crash. It also has four straps instead of the usual two, which makes for easy installation and more angle options. This is essential, because depending on the infant car seat and the placement of the headrests, you may not be able to see your child if the mirror is fixed in one position. 

We also like that his mirror is convex for a wider viewing angle and less risk of sun glare. The mirror is clear for a picture-perfect view to ensure you have peace of mind the whole drive! Plus, you can beat a price tag under $20.  

Travel Bug Jumbo Soft-Sided Mirror

Best Baby Car Mirror Travel Bug Jumbo Mirror

When you’re buying a baby car seat mirror, sometimes bigger is better. It means you’re more likely to see everything that’s going on in that car seat! This Travel Bug Soft-Sided Mirror is the same as the one we just discussed—it’s just bigger. So, it has all the same benefits! It’s easy to install, it’s not a projectile risk, and it has a clear viewing area. We love it! 

Skip Hop Soft-Sided Mirror

Best Baby Car Mirror Skip Hop Mirror

The additional straps of the last two soft-sided mirrors are a plus for installation, but nothing beats a multi-angle posable mount! This is the best mirror for getting the perfect angle every time whether you have adjustable or fixed headrests! Unlike a lot of car seat mirrors with similar mounts, this one is soft-sided, so it won’t become a projectile risk. 

Of course, it’s also shatter-resistant, convex, and provides a clear view of your little one. It’s a higher price than the others on this list, but it’s definitely worth it for the ease of installation and everyday use. 

Munchkin Brica Baby In-Sight Soft-Sided Mirror

Best Baby Car Mirror Munchkin Mirror

Here’s another soft-sided baby mirror! It doesn’t have a posable mount, but it does have a unique strap structure that will ensure your car seat mirror won’t slip off. This isn’t only nice for installation, but it’s also beneficial to keep the mirror secured even in a crash or hard stop. (It’s even crash-tested!) Plus, since it won’t be sliding around, you won’t have to readjust all the time. Beyond that, the mirror is convex with a specialized reflective surface for a crystal-clear, non-distorted view of your child. And, it’s under $20! 

Little Chicks Soft-Sided Safety Mirror

Best Baby Car Mirror Little Chicks Mirror

This last option has a lot of benefits of the others listed! It uses two straps (one with velcro and one with a buckle) to get a good viewing angle. It’s larger than most mirrors and the reflective surface is made of acrylic rather than glass. This makes it safer but may compromise the quality of the view. It’s the cheapest on the list, but will still give you an eye on your rear-facing rider without compromising safety! 

Are Baby Care Mirrors Safe?

Most aftermarket car seat accessories aren’t safe. Unless an accessory comes from the manufacturer and is specifically designed for your car seat, it’s not safe. However, car seat mirrors aren’t attached to your car seat and can be safe when you consider a few elements!

First of all, your car seat mirror is not attached to your car seat, so it doesn’t pose the same risks as other car seat accessories like covers, attachments, and trays. This is why you can use a car seat mirror in your vehicle! But, anything in your vehicle could become loose or detached in a crash, so to keep everyone safe, your car seat mirror needs to be soft-sided with shatter-resistant glass or acrylic. This is extra important because many car seat mirrors aren’t crash-tested! So installation and material type is essential! 

On another note, remember that car seat mirrors can be a distraction. Looking at your baby too often in the rearview mirror could be really dangerous! Read our post on distracted driving and set boundaries for yourself and how often you glance back. At the end of the day, your baby is likely safe in their car seat, so keep them that way by maintaining your focus on driving!

Choose the right mirror!

Driving with rear-facing children has its challenges. However, no matter what happens, you should keep your kids rear-facing until they reach the height or weight maximum noted in the car seat manual. To make the rear-facing journey a little easier, try a safe car seat mirror. And when you do, choose mirrors that are soft-sided and shatter-resistant! And, find more car seat safety info and advice on the Safe in the Seat blog. We have everything you need to keep your family safe in their seats.

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