Navigate the safety of your big kid with ease.

Car Seat Safety for the Big Kid Stage

Big Kid Stage<br />

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Your baby is a big kid now.

And the car seat safety journey is far from over.

Your child is forward-facing and needs a combination seat or a booster and you are unsure of how to choose the best one.

You want to get the longest lasting option so you get the most bang for your buck.

Your vehicle has non removable headrests and you know that could be an issue.

You want your child to feel comfortable while staying safe.

The Forward-Facing & Booster Car Seat Buying Kit

Sick of searching for the best car seat? Been there, done that. Find your recommended combination, high back booster or no back booster in under 30 minutes.

7Cs of car seat selection exercise

Interactive quiz

Customized list of YOUR recommended forward-facing car seats and boosters

Companion downloadable workbook

Updated weekly with new seats, information, and recommendations

12 months on-demand access


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Top Car Seat Mistakes

Test your car seat knowledge! Can you spot the 7 things wrong with the installation and harnessing of this forward-facing car seat? In this video, I’ll show you the most common errors we see and how to fix them to keep your forward-facing rider safe in their seat!

Top Tether on a Forward Facing Car Seat

If your child is in a forward-facing car seat with a harness, it has a top tether anchor. USE IT! ⁠⁠ When a car seat is tightly installed, and the top tether anchor is in proper use, it limits a forward-facing car seat from tipping forward by 4-6+ inches.

Why My 9 Year Old Rides in a Booster

Why does my 9-year-old still ride in a booster seat? Because that is what is safest! Your big kid may be ready to ditch their booster car seat but, not so fast! Car seat safety doesn’t stop when your child hits big kid status. What is safest isn’t always what is convenient or even what your state’s booster seat requirement is.



When can my child ride without a booster?

Find out here!

How to Choose the Best Car Seat

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Winter Safety: What to Wear

Summer Safety

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Does this kit cover harness to high back boosters and booster seats?

It sure does! This Buying Kit is for forward-facing kiddos. The combination seats that will fit your child are noted (if any available) as well as the high back booster and no back boosters that will best fit your child, car, lifestyle, budget, etc.

Will you just tell me what car seat to buy?

The Car Seat Buying Kit will lead you to a list of recommended seats just for you! If you want our Safe in the Seat safety squad to tell you the exact seat to buy, schedule a Help Me Choose a Car Seat consult.

How long do I have access?
The Forward Facing and Booster Buying Kit has 12 months of access from the date of purchase.
Is this applicable to the US and Canada?
Yes! Our kits, courses, and consults are for those in the US and Canada.
How do I know if my child still needs to ride in a booster?

Most kids are between the ages of 10-12 before they sit in an adult seat belt properly without a booster seat. The 5-step test is the tool to assess if your child is ready to graduate from their booster.


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