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car seat safety is downright confusing.

Which car seat is right for my child?

Do I have to buy a minivan if I have a third baby?

What’s the worst that could happen if I put her in a booster seat?

I wish someone would just tell me what to do and what to buy.


learning car seat safety is a process.

When you book a “Help Me Choose a Car Seat” consult, we’ll give you tailored recommendations to help you make the right choice. And with our “Car Seat Confidence Boost” consult, we’ll answer lingering questions and troubleshoot issues to get you confident in your car seat. 

In-Depth consultation

help me choose a car seat

You’ll get an expert assessment and recommendations for the right car seat.

your personal car seat shopper

Wish you had a personal car seat shopper who’s also a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician? We’ve got you covered. Our safety squad will provide a personalized assessment to determine your specific needs, preferences and budget.  

assessment & expert research

When you book a consult, we’ll send you a form to collect a bit more information. Next, we’ll schedule a 15-minute call to talk through your assessment form, clarify details and ask questions. Then, we’ll dedicate 45 minutes to researching and developing a list of personalized car seat recommendations. 

customized recommendations

Within one week of our call, our safety squad will follow up with an email with customized recommendations to help you choose the right seat for your little one now, and into the future.  

Quick consultation

car seat confidence boost

In this 25-minute session, we’ll connect you with an expert to get your questions answered, troubleshoot and more.

your questions answered

Have a quick car seat question? Or maybe 2-3 specific questions you need answered by a pro? This consult will connect you with a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety technician. 

1:1 chat

From a quick check on harnessing or installation to safety concerns and car seat troubleshooting, your one-on-one with a safety squad expert will get you on the right track. 


“As a mom of four, the seating situation in our car is tricky! I called Safe in the Seat to help me navigate moving my two youngest into the next stage of seating. I was trying to accommodate two larger convertible seats in my car while still maintaining movement in/out of my car for my two older ones for car line. I was at a complete loss and knew I needed help. I am so grateful that a resource like Safe in the Seat exists. The understanding they had of our situation as both a safety expert and mom was so appreciated. I’m thrilled that we found a solution that ensures all of my kids are safe and secure. Thank you!”

Katie C.

“Prior to our consultation, we were basically clueless on all things carseat related.  Michelle explained everything!  It was a fantastic, hands-on, experience and we left the consultation feeling informed and confident – an incredible feeling for two first time parents!  Knowing that we have the education to truly keep our baby “Safe in the Seat” is an invaluable gift. Thank you, Michelle! We are so grateful for you.”

Elaney V.

you've got questions, we've got answers.

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