If you live in a colder climate, you know that snow, ice, and cold temperatures can be dangerous for car travel. When you have kids, we understand that your number one priority is their safety. You’ll want to start stocking your car with everything you’ll need to stay safe during severe winter weather, colder temps, snowy roads, or even a holiday family road trip. But, what should you pack? Here’s our checklist of car hacks for winter, everything you need for winter trips with kids!

Car Hacks for Winter

winter hacks car seat coat car seat poncho

What to Pack in Your Car to Stay Safe During Severe Weather

Before you hit the road this winter, make sure your car is packed with the essentials. You never know if you might get stuck in a snow squall or other severe weather event! Here’s what you’ll need in your winter emergency kit.

Snow Brush or Broom

Ice Scraper


Tire Chains for Traction

Wool Blanket


Jump Starter and Jumper Cables

Tire Inflator



Portable Phone Charger

First Aid Kit

Emergency Blanket

Ice Melt or Sand



Safe Storage

How to Keep Kids Warm in The Car in Winter

Did you know that bulky winter jackets in car seats aren’t safe? Toss that coat in the trunk of your car until you reach your destination, and check out our car hacks to make sure you have everything you need to keep your little one warm and safe in the seat. 

Buckle Me Baby Coat

Car Seat Poncho



Infant Seat Cover

Lightweight Jacket

Fleece Jacket




Change of Clothes

Grown-Up Essentials for The Car in The Winter

If you’ve got the kids with you in the car this winter, don’t forget to make yourself comfortable too! From bundling up, needing that warm drink, to activities to keep the kiddos busy so your eyes can be on the road– here’s everything you’ll need:








Coffee Tumbler

Hand Warmers

Car Seat Safe Toys

Busy Board for Your Kiddo

Water Wow Activity Books

LCD Writing Tablet

Phone Charger

Car Vacuum 

Travel Potty

Mom hack: keep everything organized in your car to make your life easier! Watch the video above for tips and tricks.

Stay Safe in Your Car This Winter!

As always, be vigilant when driving in cold weather. If it’s not recommended to drive, stay home and avoid dangerous road conditions, no matter how many winter car hacks you know. But we know that in real life, we can’t always stay at home during the winter months. Remember, give yourself extra time to get there, and you can never give too much space behind the car in front of you! So get your car ready to hit the road safely this winter.

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