Car Seat Buying Kits

find the best car seat. 

Course + Resources to help you find the seat that fits your child, budget and lifestyle

buy like a boss.

Choose the car seat stage that you’re shopping for.


Infant Car Seat Buying Kit

Be an informed shopper even if you’re a first-time parent. Know what you need to buy to keep your baby safe from their first ride home.

This includes a list (and links!) to our most-loved infant seats.

12 months access to the Buying Kit.


Convertible Car Seat Buying Kit

Graduating from the infant seat is a breeze when you know when to transition and which car seat to purchase next.

This includes a list (and links!) to our most-loved convertible seats.

12 months access to Buying Kit.


Forward-Facing and Booster Buying Kit

Make the last stop on the car seat journey a stress-free one by confidently choosing what’s right for you and your child.

This includes a list (and links!) to our most-loved forward-facing and booster seats.

12 months access to Buying Kit.

shopping for car seats can be soul-crushing.


There are too many brands and design options and you don’t know where to start.


It’s not that you don’t trust your mom-friend’s recommendations…but…maybe a second opinion wouldn’t hurt.


You’re annoyed you can’t get a clear answer when you Google “safest car seat.”

in these courses you'll master the car seat buying process.

Simply choose the stage you need.

The Safe in the Seat


As a family, you and your child have a unique set of needs and circumstances. And your child’s car seat should reflect those. 

Here at Safe in the Seat, we’re here for the long haul, equipping you to select the seats that are right for your child at each stage. 

Once you take this course and learn what to look for in a car seat and how to choose one that’s compatible with your lifestyle, you’ll also be equipped with our recommended list of car seats. Say goodbye to analysis paralysis for good -- the overwhelming number of choices out there have nothing on you. You know you’re choosing among only the best car seat products on the market.

these mamas know

“I honestly can’t tell you how helpful this course was. It was everything I needed and then some! Your course broke down all the new advanced safety features and reassured me that if the seat I chose didn’t have all the bells and whistles then it’s still safe as long as I use it properly. I’m about to recommend this resource to all of my mom friends!”

Nisha S.

“My son is half an inch from out-growing his infant seat and I started shopping this weekend for my convertible. I felt so confident. I knew proper terminology, limits of the seats, installation preference. I loved that it didn’t feel overwhelming talking to the sales associate. Your course is giving people a gift that will last a lifetime.”

Amy B.
Frequently asked questions

Does this guide apply to all stages of car seats?

Buy the kit that matches your child’s stage of car seat. If you have more than one child and need to cover different stages, you’ll simply buy each one separately.

What if I complete the course and I still need help?

If you still have lingering questions after you’ve finished the course, you can book a Help Me Choose a Car Seat consult. You’ll get an expert assessment and recommendations for the right car seat.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access for 12 months from your date of purchase.

Will the course be updated as new car seats/features come to market that need to be considered?

Absolutely! We’ll update it to make sure you have the latest and greatest information so you can choose the right seat confidently.

Does the course include video and text?

Yes, but like any course, you’ll benefit most from this guide when you put in the effort during and outside of the course.

Can I bundle them?

YES! You can bundle the Infant Car Seat Buying Kit with the Infant Course and bundle the Convertible Car Seat Buying Kit with the Convertible Course

What if I have multiple kids in multiple stages?

You gotta stay hydrated, get lots of rest, lower your expectations — oh oh. You meant for this course. Right. Just buy what you need. And also take care of yourself, too <3

Can I purchase a gift card?

YES! The Car Seat Kits make great gifts for all families with kids in all stages. Head over to our gift card options to send peace of mind. 

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