Complete car seat confidence from the very first ride.

Car Seat Safety for the Infant Stage

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You want to keep your

baby safe.

We’re here to show you how.

You’re overwhelmed with all the choices and just want the safest car seat.

You feel like you need an engineering degree to install.

You anxiously wonder if your baby is okay and is breathing.

You think you’re using the car seat right, but if you’re being honest, you’re really not sure.

You just want a guide to tell you what to do.

The Infant Buying Kit

find your recommended car seat

$39 USD

Sick of searching for the best car seat? Been there, done that. Find your recommended car seat in under 30 minutes.

7Cs of car seat selection exercise

Interactive quiz

Customized list of YOUR recommended car seats

Companion downloadable workbook

Updated by Safe in the Seat weekly with new seats, information, recommendations

12 months on-demand access


$149 VALUE

The Infant Bundle

forever access to the buying kit, infant course & more

$99 USD

Save money and gain car seat confidence?! Yes, please! In this bundle, you’ll learn what car seat to choose AND how to use it.

The complete Infant Car Seat Buying Kit and workbook

The complete Infant Course and workbook

Forever access to both

22-page Caregiver Guide with checklists, scripts and an agreement

30 FAQ videos and resources to answer any additional questions

The Infant Course

learn how to use your car seat

$79 USD

96% of parents leave the hospital with their newborn unsafe in the seat! This course will make sure you aren’t one of them from the first ride through the first year.

Four plus hours of video content broken down in to bite-size pieces to build your confidence as you go
Companion downloadable workbook to customize course for your kid and car
Everything you need to know about infant car seats, installation, harnessing, your vehicle, and so much more!
Forever on-demand access


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Safe Sleep

It’s inevitable, and sometimes hoped for, that car ride nap! Let’s ensure your kiddos, from newborns to big kids, sleep safely in their seats. Neck control versus no neck control makes a major difference in whether your child’s sleep position is safe or not! Learn the ABCDs of safe sleep to keep your child breathing comfortably without dangerous added after-market products.

Ten Things Your Manual Doesn't Tell You

While proper installation and harnessing are key to car seat safety for your baby, there are some other important factors to consider that your car seat manual doesn’t mention. From what your baby wears, to stroller safety to how to put your baby in a shopping cart I’ll walk you through what you need to know for your baby and car seat safety.

How to Get a Tight Car Seat Harness

No matter the age or stage of your child, proper harness tightness is critical! For newborn babies without neck control, the harness helps keep their body in a safe breathing position, and for ALL kids, the harness ensures the best protection in the event of a car crash. Check out this video to learn how to nail a tight and properly fitting harness every time.



Are you ready for baby’s first care ride?

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How to Choose the Best Car Seat

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Winter Safety: What to Wear

Summer Safety

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Personalized help with all things car seat safety


frequently asked


Will you just tell me what car seat to buy?

The Car Seat Buying Kit will lead you to a list of recommended seats just for you! If you want our Safe in the Seat safety squad to tell you the exact seat to buy, schedule a Help Me Choose a Car Seat consult.

Can't I just go to the fire station or police station or ask the nurse at the hospital for help when the time comes?

Most fire stations DO NOT have a nationally certified child passenger safety technician on staff. Nor do hospitals. Pediatricians and nurses are often not trained in car seat safety—it is just not part of their medical training. I don’t want you to drive to a fire or police station or a hospital expecting help with your car seat. The best-intentioned police officers, firefighters, doctors, and nurses are vital to our communities, but that doesn’t mean by default that they are experts in car seat safety. If your quest for peace of mind requires additional support, as a nationally certified child passenger safety technician, I want to help. The Infant Course will give you everything you need to know.

How long do I have access to courses?
The Infant Course has access forever; as long as we host the course, you can access it and any updates we make. The Infant Buying Kit has 12 months of access from the date of purchase. If you bundle the Infant Course and the Infant Buying Kit you will have forever access to both!
When should my baby transition from an infant seat to the next stage?

4 Reasons to Move Out of Your Infant Seat:

  1. The child has outgrown the weight limit
  2. The child has maxed out the height limit.
  3. There is less than one inch between your child’s head and the top of the seat.
  4. The infant seat with the child inside is too heavy to carry.

For more info, see our blog post: When to Transition from Infant Car Seat.

Will The Infant Course be helpful to me if I have already had my baby?

Yes! This course is applicable for any caregivers using an infant car seat from expecting to a year old or so.  No matter where you are in the first year. your baby will be safer because you’ve invested in learning this information. It’s NEVER too late to build your car seat confidence.

Do I need to have an infant car seat before enrolling in The Infant Course?

No way! You definitely don’t need to have an infant car seat before digging into this confidence-building content.

The first two modules are all about laying the groundwork, so this is the perfect place to start while you’re waiting on your car seat to arrive.

You’ll learn how car seats save lives and what to expect as your child progresses from one stage of car seat safety to the next. When you reach the part of the course focused on installation and harnessing, I recommend having your car seat close so you can practice by getting hands-on.

If you’re eager to get started, tackle the first two modules. Then, pick back up once you have the one and only lifesaving purchase you make for your baby’s arrival nearby.

By the way, if you’re undecided or haven’t purchased an infant car seat yet, check out The Infant Car Seat Buying Kit – it includes a time and money-saving list of my top infant car seat recommendations!

Can I purchase a gift for someone?

Give the gift of peace of mind! Safe in the Seat Gift Certificates can be used on any product!

Click here to purchase.

I'm expecting, when should I purchase the course?
If you plan on adding your car seat to your registry, purchase before you do that to know the best car seat for you. Most parents start the infant course after they have their car seat in hand and at the early part of the third trimester to start getting ready! Remember, when you purchase the bundle, you’ll receive forever access to the kit and the course, so the timing doesn’t really matter!
Is this applicable to the US and Canada?
Yes! Our kits, courses, and consults are for those in the US and Canada.


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