I’m a mom and a Nationally Certified Car Seat Safety Technician, and just like you, I am always shopping on Amazon, and always adding to my own Amazon wish list and I know how overwhelming it can be to scroll endlessly looking for the perfect product that you need for your car, your little one, and for yourself! This is why I’ve curated my all-time favorites Amazon list for everything you need for travel, for organization, for life with kids, and for some well-spent “me” time. I’ve shared many products on Instagram, and the Safe in the Seat community has shown time and time again that this list of products is tried and true, and well-loved! So click through, grab yourself something special (on sale!), or even purchase a gift for a mom in your life. Here is my Ultimate Amazon List of my all-time favorite products!

My All-Time Favorite Amazon Products

Soft-Sided Car Mirror

When your kiddo is in a rear-facing car seat, I know that it offers peace of mind when you can check your mirrors and see your little one. These Travel Bug mirrors are a good option because they are soft-sided, and they secure to the backseat headrest on 4-sides, making them less of a projectile risk if you were to crash. These Munchkin Car Mirrors are also a great option! 

Resqme Keychain Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker Tool

If you own a car or drive a car, you should own this tool. In case of an emergency, you can easily cut your own seat belt or your kiddo’s belt or harness, and with just a touch to the glass, you can easily break your window or windshield or escape from a dangerous situation.

Car Seat Travel Bag

Here at Safe in the Seat, you know we’ve got you covered when it comes to all things car seats. (In fact, check here for my favorite car seats on sale now!) One of our most popular courses is our Wheels Up Course, which covers airplane travel with car seats. This car seat travel bag is a favorite for me, and is a favorite in our Wheels Up community! These bags help you navigate the airport with your family hands-free, and you can toss a few more bulky items (for free!) in there with your car seat.


We love the UnbuckleMe! It’s great for parents and caregivers to use on car seats, but its also a great hack for the school drop-off line! Your kiddo can easily unbuckle all by themselves and be ready to hop out.

The Noggle

Another SITS community fave! Perfect for getting that much needed heat or AC to your kiddos in the backseat. Wondering how to get rid of car sickness? The Noggle might be your new best friend!

Car Vacuum

The community loves this one! This handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for getting into those small spots in your car and around your house. We love them for cleaning up car seats! They charge with a USB chord, so you can easily charge it in your car on the go and toss it right in your glove compartment.

Car Window Shades

Keeping your child safe in the car is a top priority. Did you know that some sun shades for your car windows can become projectile and unsafe in a car crash? We love these because if they did become projectiles, they’re soft. They stick to your windows in both hot and cold weather and they don’t leave a residue. You can also fold them flat for easy storage!

Car Trash Can

With kids, I know how important it is to keep your car clean and organized whenever possible. I love this car trash can because it’s soft-sided (projectile-safe!) It can attach to your center console or a seat’s headrest.

Diaper Caddy

This is the ultimate diaper caddy for home or for your car. It’s soft-sided yet durable, and you can move the compartments around to fit your needs. Use this in those early newborn days for diaper changing anywhere in the house, or store your car seat safe toys in it in the car.

Wet Bags

These are a must-have for the car when you have little ones. Between potty accidents, spills, or after a trip to the beach, these bags are great for containing wet clothes until you get home. The best part? The bags themselves can also go right in the washing machine.

Suction Cup Spinner Toys

These are a community favorite. I recommend them most for airplane travel! Stick them on the window and let your kiddo go to town and keep them busy during a long flight.

Check out the spinners in action in the reel below!

Viral Toiletry Bag

We love this toiletry bag for more than just toiletries! It’s a perfect spot to store toys and activities in the car for your kiddo to pick and choose from on long car rides, when you’re out to eat, etc.

Mini Portable Charger

This mini portable charger is great for anyone on the go, and it can fit right into your pocket or bag without any extra wires!

LCD Tablet

Another community favorite! This LCD writing and drawing tablet is great for entertaining your kiddo on the go. Your little one can practice writing, drawing, and pencil holding while creating in rainbow colors. 

Stroller Fan

A summer must-have not just for your little one in the stroller, but for moms at the soccer field or lounging on the beach. It’s USB chargeable, holds a charge for a long time, and has different settings. Plus, you can plop it anywhere!

Kitchen Pantry Storage Bins

Looking to get a bit more organized? These kitchen storage bins are a great place to start. Mom hack: they’re also a great spot to store your kid’s snacks in an accessible place. No more asking you for a snack, they know right where to grab one! If you’re lucky, they might also use these to help pack their lunch! Truly these bins could be used anywhere to keep everything organized, like your bathroom, office, etc.

Stackable Bottle Holder

Another great way to get your kitchen organized is to de-clutter your fridge. With this stackable bottle holder, you can easily store any bottle on its side and create more room on your fridge shelves. Prepping lunches the night before? Pop your kid’s water bottle here to grab in the morning! You can also use these holders in any pantry or cabinet for bottle storage. 

Mini Label Maker

If you’re on the journey to become more organized, give this label maker a try. It’s inkless, and compact, and you create the labels right from your phone. You can get different types of label tape to use with it (such as waterproof) so that EVERYTHING can get a label.

Mesh Zipper Pouches

These reusable pouches are great for anything and everything. Truly. Small toys, pens and pencils, art supplies, activities, etc. Plus, they’re great to toss in your mom go bag. An easy way to get more organized.

Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler

Every mom needs a huge tumbler of water (or iced coffee) to keep hydrated while they’re running around with their kids all day! The Simple Modern Tumbler is a community favorite because of its sleek design. The best part? It fits right into your cupholder and prevents leaks! It comes with two straws, is dishwasher safe, and comes in a ton of colors. 

Contigo Kids Cups

When your kiddo moves on to a straw cup, this is the cup to choose. It’s spill-free and easy to clean, which is a win-win if you ask me! We’ve used these for years and they’re also a community favorite. It survives every drop or throw, and is dishwasher safe.

Silicone Mini Muffin Pan

Another favorite mom hack! Use these muffin pans to meal prep mini muffins or egg cups for breakfast, and toss them in the fridge or freezer for easy breakfast options on hectic school mornings. 

Miss Mouth’s Stain Treater

Kids mean messes! This stain treater can be used on clothes, carpets, toys, you name it! It’s safe to use around pets and kids, and it’s super effective. You can use it on fresh or set-in stains.

Eufy Spaceview Video Baby Monitor

Looking for a great video monitor that doesn’t connect to wifi? This is it. The camera covers every part of the room, and you can connect up to 4 cameras to one video monitor. The monitor also has two-way audio, meaning you can talk to your little one from anywhere in your house. 

Forehead Thermometer

If you have littles, you’re no stranger to the constant sniffles and fevers (especially during the school year!). If your kiddo is under the weather, you’ll want to have a great thermometer on hand that’s accurate and easy to use. It’s touchless and makes no sound which is great for temp checks during naps on the couch. 

My Favorite Sheets

If you want clean, crisp sheets that feel luxurious every time you get into bed, these are THE sheets! I shared them because I love them, and so many in our community have echoed the same love for them! They’re super soft, and they wash and dry really well.

Silk Pillowcase

Every. One. Needs. A. Silk. Pillow. Case. It’s true! Not only does it feel luxurious to lay your head on a silk pillowcase, but it’s also great for your skin and hair. I’ve tried many silk pillowcases, and this is easily the best one. Say goodbye to bedhead!

Eye Massager

This eye massager is like the ultimate form of self-care. It’s a little piece of paradise for mom at the end of a long day. It’s also great if you suffer from migraines and tension headaches. 


Can you tell I love to make bedtime luxurious for myself? These are the most comfortable pillows and they’re totally worth the price (but often on sale!). Our community agrees!

The Best Leggings 

Every mom needs their go-to leggings. And these are the best Align dupe! They’re high waste, and they wash and dry so well. Get the ⅞ length here and the full length here

Floatley Cozy Bra

This bra is so comfortable and it’s great for a gal on the go. It’s great for everyday wear, especially for those long, active days (like travel days!) where comfort and support are key! There’s no underwire, sewn in pads, and are always a great price and high quality. 


These undershorts are the BEST and they’re also a community favorite! They’re great to throw under dresses to avoid thigh rubs, but also to keep you covered when you’re constantly bending over and on the go with your little one. They’re super comfortable, they can easily replace your typical underwear, and you can wear them through early pregnancy as your bump grows!

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This cream has gone viral, and for good reason! (Hint: it’s not just for your bum bum!) It slightly lifts and firms skin while being super moisturizing. It smells amazing while still being just subtle enough.

My Favorite Products

I’m confident you’ll love these products and more! Check out my Amazon Storefront for more of my favorite fashion, organization hacks, car seats, and more. Let me know what you love!

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