When we think about car accidents, we usually think of getting rear-ended, losing control, or running into something. However, there are LOTS of vehicle incidents we need to be prepared for. Do you have a plan if your car is submerged? What if it starts on fire? Do you know what to do if trapped in snow? And, what if your child is locked inside without you, possibly on a hot day?

All these situations are very real, and it’s important for us to consider them . . . as scary as they may seem. Luckily, there is one product that can help keep your family safe in all of these situations! It’s called the Resqme Car Escape Tool (Use code: SAFESEAT for 15% off any purchase over $20). It’s under $10, can be carried everywhere, and it is essential for any vehicle emergency kit

Today, we’re going to talk about what the Resqme Car Escape Tool is, when to use it, how to use it, and where to get your hands on it. Here’s what you need to know:

Safe in the Seat’s Complete Resqme Review

Resqme is a simple tool that can cut jammed seat belts and break tempered glass windows in a car emergency. The founder originally made it for first responders, but it has thankfully become available to the commercial market as well! It fits in the palm of your hand yet reliably breaks side windows and cuts seat belts if you or your child is trapped inside due to water, snow, fire, rollover accident, or something else! Here’s a video on all the situations where Resqme may be useful. 

These are the key features:

Handy Keychain with Quick Access

First of all, Resqme has been designed to be quickly accessible, which is essential in these emergency situations where seconds really matter! Resqme comes with a key ring to clip to your car keys, so it’s always where you need it when you need it. There is also an optional visor clip or dashboard clip if you have a vehicle that utilizes something other than a key to start the car. (Or, if you just want even faster access to your Resqme, the visor clip is a good idea!) 

Cut Seatbelts or Car Seat Harnesses

The stainless steel blade on Resqme remains covered and protected by a clip that connects it to the key ring, ensuring safe handling of the tool on a regular basis! However, when you need the blade, you can pull Resqme from its clip and slide seat belts or car seat harness straps into the plastic slot, where they’ll come in contact with the blade and quickly and safely cut the straps. Cutting seat belts and harness straps swiftly is crucial, and Resqme’s sharpness allows it to do so in seconds. 

Break Windows

Resqme has a spike inside the black head at the front of the device.

Deployed at the bottom corner of a side window, it safely breaks the glass to allow for a quick exit.

It only works on tempered glass car windows, like the side or back windows, and some roof windows. It will not work on laminated glass, which is what manufacturers use to make windshields.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA, Resqme upholds the highest standards of quality. Originally designed for first responders, it remains a go-to tool for EMTs, firefighters, and other emergency response workers. Now, it’s also in the hands of over 12 million people across 45 countries. 


You can reuse Resqme as many times as you want. Just return the device to the clip on the key ring. It’s ready to go again! By re-securing the clip, you prevent spike deployment and block access to the blade, making Resqme safe, secure, and ready for another use. 

Other Companion Products 

The Resqme brand offers many other trusted safety products.These would all be great in a car emergency kit! 

How Does Resqme Work?

Resqme works in two parts. The handy key chain clip doubles as a protective measure that prevents access to the blade and spike. Once removed, you can use the window breaking spike or the seat belt cutting blade. Use the blade at a 45-degree angle to quickly cut seat belts and car seat harnesses by sliding the device over them. Then, you can break your side windows by pressing the black head firmly against the glass, which deploys the spring-loaded spike made to shatter tempered glass. 

How To Use Resqme Keychain

Step 1: Quickly assess the situation.

The first step of using Resqme is determining if it’s necessary! When you find yourself stuck in your vehicle, in an emergency situation, unable to unbuckle or open your car door quickly (or at all), it’s time to use Resqme! 

You could be stuck because your vehicle has started on fire, your vehicle has been submerged in water, your vehicle has become buried in snow, or your vehicle’s door and seat belt systems have failed due to a crash. You may also use Resqme if your child (or someone else’s child) has become trapped in a hot or otherwise dangerous car

Step 2: Pull from clip. 

As soon as you realize your situation, pull Resqme from its clip. This won’t take a lot of effort to do. 

Step 3: Cut your seatbelt. 

Slide your own seat belt into the blade slot at a 45-degree angle. The sharp blade will cut the belt quickly, cleanly, and easily! 

Step 4: Break a side window. 

Next, press the black head on the front of the device against the bottom corner of your side window. Press firmly to deploy the spring-loaded spring that’ll break and shatter your window for a safe exit. 

Step 5: Cut the seatbelts of your children from oldest to youngest.  

Cut the seat belts or harness straps of your children next, going from oldest to youngest. (This is because the older children will probably be able to get themselves out and wait safely until you get out of the vehicle, and they can also help you get the youngest one out.) If you have a child in an infant car seat, try first to simply remove the infant carrier from its base. It will likely fit through the car window. 

Step 6: Get to safety. 

Everyone should exit the car through the side window. In a rising flood water or snow burial situation, you would climb to the top of your car. If the car is submerged, swimming to safety will be the goal. (Get kids in swimming lessons as young as possible!) If the car is on fire or you’ve been in an accident, just get out and as far away from the vehicle as possible.  

Where To Buy Resqme:

Resqme is a must-have safety device in every car emergency kit!

Practicing vehicle safety goes beyond defensive driving, car seat safety, vehicle maintenance, and other things you can control. There are plenty of things that can happen on the road that you can’t control, but you still must be prepared! The Resqme Car Escape Tool is an essential vehicle emergency product for anyone with a driver’s license. Grab yours and read our other posts on vehicle safety to keep your family protected in all situations: 

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