If you have new parents or soon-to-be parents in your life, one of the best gifts you can give them is peace of mind. When your child is born, your biggest concern is keeping them safe and healthy. Luckily, there are tons of products and services out there that can help the parent to be in your life keep their baby safe in every situation!

This post is a gift guide for new parents! If you have a holiday party or baby shower coming up, use this guide to help you choose the perfect gift. Here are 15 safety gift ideas to add to your shopping list:

15 Safety Gift Ideas for New Parents

CPR Course

Everyone should be CPR certified. Understanding that infant, child, and adult CPR are different is key. So if the soon-to-be parent knows CPR, they could still benefit from a course to refresh them on the variations in adult and child CPR.

These courses will also teach the vital Heimlich maneuver. And, the best part? The courses can be taken online from anywhere! CPR classes are an inexpensive and important tool for every new parent, which is why it makes a great safety gift!

Zipper Swaddles

Safe sleep is a big topic for new parents! It’s so important, in fact, that you must watch safe sleep videos before you can leave the hospital. To encourage the new parent in your life to avoid loose blankets in the crib with their infants, consider getting them zipper swaddles! They’re super easy to use (no folding) and using them supports safe sleep practices. 

Electric Nail File

The welcoming of a newborn can be stressful at times. One of those times is when it comes to trimming their nails! Straight from the womb, tiny newborn babies can have razor-sharp nails, and without proper control of their arms, they’ll scratch themselves if you don’t cut them short. An electric nail file ensures the new parent can keep those nails short without the threat of cutting the baby’s little fingers. 

Newton Mattress

A Newton mattress is a totally unique mattress design. It’s made to be totally breathable and washable, and it stands up to any mess that babyhood can bring! This provides peace of mind to any user. Additionally, if the mattress is soiled, throw the cover in the washing machine and spray down the core with a hose or shower head. It’s so convenient! 

Baby Play Yard

This baby play yard will separate your loved one’s child from potential dangers. Inside this easy-to-assemble play yard, the new baby can have a safe place to play. A play mat and age-appropriate toys inside the enclosure will make the perfect newborn oasis. It comes in multiple colors and can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Learning Tower

There are few things more powerful than experiencing the world with your child. A learning tower allows them to safely engage in activities like cooking and crafting. Instead of standing on a stool or chair to reach counter height, the learning tower will keep the little one safe. Plus, it folds up for easy storage!  

Escape Ladder

Though this tool wouldn’t be in use for some time, a fire escape ladder is a great safety gift! It can go in a closet or under a bed, and in the event of a fire, the child can hook the ladder on the windowsill and climb to safety. You could pair this present with some additional smoke alarms for the perfect fire safety gift! 

Reusable Child ID Wristbands

If the new family travels often, these ID wristbands are a great gift! Over a dozen comes in a package and they’re totally reusable. They’re adjustable too, so you can get the perfect for any age kiddo. On the wristband, there is a spot for the child’s info and your phone number. Once your vacation is over, just wipe it off. 

Safe in the Seat Courses

A new parent MUST be educated in car seat safety. Unfortunately, this information is not readily available and parents trust the wrong sources. (Fire stations and hospital nurses are NOT car seat experts.) If you’ve been blessed with car seat safety education, gift it to another!

Our car seat courses not only teach parents how to install and use a car seat, but we also have a buying kit to find the perfect seat for their vehicle and lifestyle! We have an infant car seat and a convertible car seat bundle that include the buying kit AND the applicable course – perfect for any parent in your life!

Just in Case Kit

Life is already full of unexpected twists and turns, but with kids, Murphy seems to get even stronger! Every parent could use an expertly curated just in case bag that includes everything they need for minor emergencies. Whether they simply forgot to put on deodorant or they need to mend a bonked head, this kit should serve those unexpected needs. You can find everything you need on my Amazon Shop!

Baby Proofing Kit

Here’s another must-have kit for every new parent! What once was a peaceful home suddenly looks like a death trap after you have a baby. Assemble a baby-proofing kit that includes anchoring tools, banister guards, outlet covers, cabinet latches, and more! Every parent will appreciate having these items ready to go when their fast-growing baby is suddenly mobile! 

Pool Alarm

If the new parent has a pool, this tool is a must. The alarm floats in a pool when no one is swimming, then if the machine detects motion, it sets off alarms inside your home. If a child happens to wander toward a pool and fall in, this pool alarm is a literal lifesaver! 

Car Safety Gifts


We never want to think about an emergency such as your car becoming submerged in water, a rollover crash, or any other emergency where you need to get out of your car immediately, especially with children and babies. This tool is a seatbelt cutter and and window/tempered glass breaker in one. Having a Resqme is paramount when it comes to car safety.

Silicone Snack and Drink Set

Projectiles in motor vehicle accidents pose a huge risk to all passengers—especially children! Small projectiles can be even more dangerous than larger ones. So, when a new parent is packing their car, they need to consider if each item is safe in all situations! A soft silicone snack container and drink cup are safe and functional gifts for the car! 

Trunk and Backseat Organizer

Remember what we noted about projectiles? Well, if the new parents have lots of emergency items in their car from your just-in-case baby kit to car repair gear, they’ll need a safe place to store it. This trunk and backseat organizer is super handy for storing all sorts of vehicle essentials!  

Buckle Me Baby Coat

Regular coats aren’t safe for car seats. The coat compresses in a crash, which creates a dangerous distance between the baby and the harness straps. This is stressful if you live in a cold weather climate, so consider getting the parent-to-be a Buckle Me coat! These jackets can be safely used with a car seat. They keep your baby warm without compromising safety! 

Roadside Kit

Give the gift of car safety by purchasing a roadside kit or putting one together for yourself to gift to friends and family. If you’re putting a car emergency kit together yourself, here’s what we recommend to include:

Peace of mind is the best gift for a new parent! 

When a new parent makes a registry, you see the usual stuff: diaper bag, clothes, crib, bottles, gift cards etc. However, if you’re looking to give an impactful and useful gift, consider an item from this gift guide. Moms and dads alike will appreciate your selection, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve done your part to make the family a little safer! 

No matter the gift, make sure you include information about Safe in the Seat! Our car seat resource ensures all parents have the education they need to properly use their car seat. These tools can save lives when used properly. Write in your card: Check out Safe in the Seat! We’ll welcome them and deliver new content daily on Insta and weekly on our blog and YouTube. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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