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Airplane Travel with Kids and Car Seats

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Air travel and car seats don’t have to be a trip to stress city.

Get a solid plan to stay safe and sane.

You know you should take your car seat on the plane but how in the world?!

You’re overwhelmed with navigating the airport and getting on and off the plane.

Your significant other isn’t totally on board with this whole car seat on the plane thing. You need a plan!

Installing a car seat in the car is hard enough, now on the plane too?

Wheels Up: Airplane Travel Course

Traveling with kids can be a lot, but getting a game plan in place doesn’t have to be!

Covers domestic and international travel

Comprehensive guide on preparing for your trip so you don’t overlook anything

Security and airport game plans

Boarding and deplaning process, tips and tricks

Must have gear and gadgets

Full database of best car seats for airplane travel

Installation on the airplane how-to

Private and very active Facebook group where you can brainstorm and gain insight from others who have traveled with car seats!


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5 Tips for Flying with Car Seats

If you need a car seat at your final destination, the safest way for the seat and your child to travel is on the seat next to you on the airplane. The hard part isn’t installing the car seat on the plane, it’s navigating the airport with your kiddo and seat in tow. Check out these 5 tips for flying with car seats to get you from point A to B safely and sanely.

How to Install a Car Seat with a Locking Clip

Your car seat may need to be installed with a locking clip for one of three reasons. In this video, learn why you might have to use one and how to install a car seat with a locking clip.

Install Car Seat on Airplane

Flying with car seat and nervous about installing that seat on the airplane? Don’t be!



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Does the course cover domestic and international travel?

It sure does! This is the one-stop shop for all your domestic and international travel needs with kids and car seats. Plus, you get all the added experiences from those in the Facebook group too!

How do I join the private Facebook group?
Those who purchase the Wheels Up: Airplane Travel course have immediate access to the private Facebook group. A link will be sent to join upon purchasing the course.
How long do I have access?

Forever! Access to the Wheels Up: Airplane Travel and the private Facebook group accompanying it does not expire.


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