When prepping for your newest arrival, you may feel the need to take a CPR course or a labor and delivery course—even an infant sleep course! But, did you know that there are car seat courses as well? It’s true! All these courses bring insight to a complicated but important parenting topic. A car seat course is no different! It delivers vital knowledge and much-needed peace of mind to caring (and worried) parents like you! 

Car seats might seem simple enough on the surface. How complicated can they be? But when you start shopping for your baby, you’ll soon realize the world of child safety seats is a lot more confusing than just picking a seat that comes in a fun color! The fact is car seats can only do their job when they’re installed, buckled, cleaned, and cared for correctly. And when it comes to your child’s safety, there are no corners to cut or steps to miss. You want to know all there is to know!

Car seat training courses like ours here at Safe in the Seat provide a comprehensive look at all things car seats. They equip you to install, use, and maintain your seat in order to realize the ultimate safety potential. Once you’re done with your course, you’ll know all you need to know about car seat safety! 

But if you’re still on the fence. Keep reading! We’ll walk you through some of the main reasons every parent should add car seat courses to their baby planning to-do list.

Should You Take a Car Seat Safety Course?

So, should you take a car seat course? Obviously, our answer is: YES. But, why? There are so many reasons to complete one of these courses – we guarantee it won’t be something you regret! Let’s dive right in – shall we? 

Updated Information

The first reason to take a car seat course is to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information regarding the best ways to keep your kids safe. New studies on highway safety are constantly conducted around the country to provide experts and consumers with the newest best-practice strategies, even — especially! — for the littlest passengers. Even if you just had a baby a couple of years ago, new recommendations or safety technologies could already be out. This means your car seat safety strategy might be outdated! 

Think back to the days when doctors told parents to lay babies on their stomachs. Based on the information they had at the time, physicians believed tummy sleeping to be safest. But as researchers collected more data, it was clear that babies are safest placed on their back to sleep! Car seat safety knowledge evolves in the same way. New data gives us more information, which means products and procedures might change. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a great source for updated car seat information. But it’s difficult to navigate all of their resources and data. In a car seat safety course from Safe in the Seat, you’ll see us highlight the information you need and explain it in a way that’s easy to digest! Using NHTSA resources, we’ll make recommendations to provide you with the most updated car seat safety information! 

Why rear-facing is safest

Trusted and Certified Instructor

You’ve probably heard of all the Facebook mom groups out there dedicated to car seat safety. You may even be in one! Though we LOVE the sentiment of moms helping other moms keep their kids safe, the truth is you just don’t know who you’re talking to! The information provided in this crowd-sourcing way might sound good, but it may be outdated or flat-out wrong despite the best intentions. 

Curation and teaching of our car seat safety standardized curriculum comes only from nationally certified child passenger safety technicians. A national child passenger safety technician goes through detailed certification training to become an expert on car seat safety! These CPSTs are qualified nationally to check car seat use, advise on car seat-related questions, or educate you on car seat safety!

So, when you take a car seat course developed and taught by knowledgeable CPSTs, you know you’re not getting an opinion or outdated recommendations. You can be sure you’re getting the correct information from a trusted and certified source!

Guide to Different Seats

If you’ve searched for car seats lately, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by all the terminology. Combination seats? Infant seats? Travel systems? Booster seats? What does it all mean? Our car seat courses will help you understand the different car seat types and stages!

Each one of the seats has different installation and usage requirements. So having the right seat or knowing which one you need is important to getting the right information! Our car seat courses will walk you through how to use your specific seat. And, if you haven’t purchased a seat yet, our buying kits or our new, free online Car Seat Finder Tool can help you understand which seat is best for your child’s age and your lifestyle! No matter whether they are needing a rear-facing car seat, you are looking for a booster, or any seat in between!

The long road of car seats

Safe vs. Unsafe Products

You might have seen a lot of add-on products out there for your car seat. Pillows. Buckle locks. Fluffy shoulder pads. Seat protectors. But, guess what? Many aftermarket car seat parts are not regulated and are thus, not safe! 

In our car seat course, you will learn all about what products are safe and unsafe! So, next time your friend or family member recommends a car seat accessory, you’ll know if it’s a safe choice for your family. 

First Install and Everyday Harnessing 

One of the most frustrating parts of new baby prep is doing that first car seat installation. Did you know there are two ways (seat belt or lower anchors) to install every harnessed car seat? There are so many things to get right and incorrect installation can reduce the safety of your car seat. The CDC estimates 46% of car seats are installed incorrectly – that’s a scary number! Our car seat courses will teach you how to confirm your car seats are installed correctly – every time. 

Installing infant seats

Once you’ve got the seat installed, you’ll need to know how to buckle your child in each day. Chances are you’ll be using your car seats and vehicle on a daily basis. It’s no secret that roadways are hazardous! Correct harnessing will reduce a child’s risk of injury in an accident by 71-82% – wow! Our car seat courses will make sure you know exactly how to get your child buckled right! 

Buckle in your newborn

Know What You Don’t Know

When it comes to car seats, what you don’t know can hurt you. For example, did you know car seats have expiration dates? Or that there are special instructions on how to clean a car seat? No? You’re not alone! Our car seat courses go through the obvious and the not-so-obvious. This way, you can have confidence you’re not missing anything that will reduce the effectiveness of your car seat. 

Resource Connection

Car seat safety is our full-time gig. How is that possible? Well, there’s a lot more that goes into the selection, installation, and daily use of a car seat than you think. When you’re finished with our course, you’ll have a catalog of great resources to turn to next time you have a question or a big car seat-related challenge!

Like what, you ask? Maybe your crafty toddler learned to unbuckle themselves. Maybe Grandma isn’t following your car seat requests. Or maybe a skunk sprayed your seat. (Seriously, we’ve heard that before.) Regardless of your obstacle, you’ll have all the tools you need to solve the problem! 

Safest Ride, Every Time 

No matter the circumstances, you’ll know without a doubt that your children are safe in their seats. What greater gift is there than the assurance of your child’s safety? With this course, you’ll have the tools you need to ensure optimal safety each and every ride. Whether you’re jumping on a plane, heading on a road trip, or transitioning to a new model, your children will be as safe as possible because of your diligent research and commitment to their well-being!

Peace of Mind

You’ve got enough to stress about. The greatest gift of our car seat courses — aside from your child’s safety, of course! — is your peace of mind. Daycare drop-offs, trips to the supermarket, and even long holiday ventures can all be a little less overwhelming when you know your children are protected from the unexpected! Invest in your child’s safety and your own mental health by taking a car seat training course.

Car seat courses give you peace of mind and help you keep your family safe! 

Car seat safety is one of the most important elements to raising kids in this modern age! From the very start, it’s so important to have the right tools, resources, and knowledge to keep your kids safe in their seats. And a great way to accomplish this is to take a car seat training course! Even after our car seat course, we will still be here to guide you along your car seat journey. So, welcome to the Safe in the Seat family! 

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Looking for more information? We encourage you to check back for weekly blog posts about motherhood and, of course, car seat safety! Also, feel free to follow us on Instagram for more content and regular Q&As!

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