Imagine you’re driving along with your family, when suddenly, the unthinkable happens – your car plunges into water. It’s a terrifying scenario that no one wants to experience, but knowing what to do in such a situation can make all the difference. Whether it’s due to a flooded road, an unthinkable disaster, a flash flood, or a misjudged turn, being prepared and staying calm are crucial. You need to know how to escape a sinking car with a baby and your whole family. In this blog post, we’ll outline the steps you should take if your car goes underwater, helping you save your baby, and older kids, and save your life.

How to Escape a Sinking Car with A Baby: Tips to Save Your Whole Family

Follow these tips to form your escape plan if you ever need to escape your sinking vehicle with your baby and/or children in the car.

1. Assess The Situation

The first and most important step is to remain calm. Panic can cloud your judgment and hinder your ability to react effectively. Take a deep breath and assess the situation. Determine if the water is rising rapidly or if it’s relatively stable. Resist the urge to reach for your phone. You’ll only lose precious seconds.

2. Unbuckle Everyone Quickly

Unbuckle your seatbelt immediately. If you cannot unbuckle your seatbelt, use your Resqme tool to easily cut your seatbelt by slicing it diagonally.

3. Open Or Break A Window

Next, try to roll down your windows. Remember that as the car fills with water, the pressure inside and outside will equalize, making it difficult to open the car doors, which is why you’ll likely need to escape a sinking car through a window. Most modern cars have electric windows that should still work momentarily after the car has submerged. However, if the windows won’t open, you’ll need to break them using your Resqme or other tool, or with something else like a removable headrest, other heavy object, or your foot. 

4. Get Your Children Out First

Remove your baby and children from the sinking vehicle in order from oldest to youngest. Unbuckle them or cut their straps using the Resqme tool. If the car is still above water, get your children onto the roof one by one until you can join them. If your car is fully submerged, encourage them to swim to the surface as quickly as possible.

If your child cannot swim carry them out the window yourself or enlist the help of older children to assist the younger ones. Keep them calm and reassure them as you guide them to safety.

Don’t waste time trying to retrieve personal belongings – your priority should be getting yourself and your family to safety. If the current is strong, try to swim perpendicular to it to avoid being swept away.

Once You’re Out Of The Submerged Vehicle

Once everyone is out of the vehicle, climb onto the roof if it’s stable. This will make you more visible to rescuers and provide a platform to await help. However, if the vehicle begins to move or sink further, be prepared to abandon it. Plan your route to swim to the shore or the nearest safe structure.

Call For Help And Seek Medical Attention

Once you’re safely out of the water, call emergency services immediately. If you are on the roof of the vehicle, try to flag down help from people around you. Once you call 911, inform them of your location and provide any relevant details about the incident. Even if you feel fine, it’s essential to get checked by medical professionals, as you may have injuries or be at risk of secondary drowning.

Practice With Your Family Beforehand

While we never want to think of escaping a sinking car with a baby or kids, it’s important for your kids to have the tools and understanding to handle an emergency situation in the car– their survival could depend on it. Once it’s age-appropriate, show your kids how to use a tool like the Resqme to cut their seat belts, techniques for breaking windows, and how to call for help.

Always Have An Escape Plan In Mind

We can never predict when a freak accident can happen to us. Be prepared by having an escape plan, communicating that plan with your family, and by keeping the correct tools on hand for when the unthinkable happens. 

How to Escape a Sinking Car
Source: Resqme

How to Escape a Sinking Car with Your Baby Conclusion: Be Prepared And Stay Calm In An Emergency.

Experiencing a car submersion is a terrifying ordeal, but knowing how to react can significantly increase your chances of survival. By staying calm, unbuckling your seatbelt and your kids, escaping through windows or doors, breaking a window if necessary, swimming to safety, calling for help, and seeking support afterward, you can navigate this harrowing situation as safely as possible. Remember, preparation and presence of mind are key when faced with unexpected emergencies on the road, especially escaping a sinking car with a baby and your whole family.

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