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Ensuring child safety during travel is paramount. This blog post is dedicated to assisting parents in discovering budget-friendly car seats that prioritize reliability without compromising safety. Regardless of price, all car seats on the market have passed the same rigorous crash testing standards. At Safe in the Seat, we’re more than just a team of nationally certified child passenger safety technicians – we’re parents too! We’ve personally experienced the struggles of finding the ideal car seat that fits your child, vehicle, budget, and lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of parents like you through our Car Seat Buying Kits, online courses, and personalized consultations. So let’s break down the best budget-friendly car seats for your children!

Recommended Car Seats Page
Recommended Car Seats Page

The Best Budget-Friendly Car Seats for Your Children (USA)

Budgeting For a Car Seat

1. Understanding the Car Seat’s Lifespan

Understanding expiration dates on car seats is crucial for ensuring continued safety. Car seats are rigorously tested for durability and effectiveness, but over time, materials can degrade, impacting their ability to provide optimal protection in the event of a crash. Expiration dates, typically around six to ten years from the manufacturing date, are set by manufacturers to guarantee the seat’s structural integrity. Beyond safety concerns, considering the long-term value of a car seat involves assessing its ability to adapt and grow with your child. Convertible seats, for instance, offer extended use, accommodating different stages from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond.

2. The Secondhand Question

While buying a used car seat might seem like a cost-effective option, it comes with its share of risks and benefits. Pros include potential cost savings and accessibility, especially for families on a tight budget. However, the cons are significant. Used car seats might have an unknown history, potentially compromised structural integrity due to wear and tear, or might have been involved in a crash, rendering them unsafe for further use. When considering a secondhand seat, it’s crucial to perform safety checks, including inspecting for visible damage, checking the expiration date, verifying the seat’s recall status, and ensuring it has all its original parts and labels intact.

Despite cost savings, it’s highly recommended to avoid purchasing used seats whenever possible. The safety of your child is paramount, and there are numerous affordable options available in the market for purchasing new, unused car seats. Prioritizing a new seat ensures you have a product with a known history, optimal safety features, and adherence to the latest safety standards, offering peace of mind for your child’s protection.

3. Payment Plans/Sales

Several retailers recognize the significance of child safety and understand that purchasing a quality car seat might pose a financial challenge for some families. As a result, many offer payment plan options, allowing you to spread the cost of a car seat over manageable installments. These plans often come with little to no interest, easing the financial burden while ensuring your child’s safety remains a priority. Additionally, keep an eye out for sales and promotional events, especially during holiday seasons like Black Friday or other annual sales events. Retailers frequently offer discounts, markdowns, or bundle deals, providing an opportunity to purchase high-quality car seats at reduced prices. By taking advantage of payment plans and keeping an eye on sales, families can access top-notch car seats without straining their budgets, ensuring their children remain safe on the road. We check the sales every day and keep them updated on this page!

The Best Budget Car Seats on the Market

Infant Car Seats

Infant seats are what most people prefer to start with. But if your budget is very limited, you may want to head to the convertible section instead!

Evenflo NurtureMax ($69.99)

The Evenflo NurtureMax, the market’s most affordable infant seat, boasts an impressive safety feature—an anti-rebound bar in its base. This seat is not officially compatible with any strollers, but you may have luck with strollers that have universal adapters like the Mountain Buggy Nano. This seat fits premature babies very well. It does not have any ease of installation features and may need a pool noodle or rolled towel to get the base reclined properly. It only weighs 6 pounds, making it one of the lightest infant seats on the market!

Graco SnugRide 35 Lite LX ($119.99)

The Graco SnugRide 35 Lite LX is one of Graco’s most affordable infant seats. It is compatible with many strollers. At only 7 pounds, it is a very lightweight option. The base does not have any ease of installation features and may need a pool noodle or rolled towel to get it reclined properly. This seat is compatible with any of Graco’s bases if you would like to buy a 2nd base that has more features.

Read our full review here.

Evenflo LiteMax 35 ($125.49)

The Evenflo LiteMax 35 is one of our favorite seats for small babies. It’s still fairly lightweight at 7.8 pounds. But this base has a seat belt lock-off, which makes it very easy to install. This seat is compatible with some strollers, mostly the ones made by Evenflo.

Full review here.

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats can be used rear-facing until the child reaches one of the maximum limits (height, weight, or head height) and then they can turn forward-facing. Two of the seats below can be used from birth if you want to save money by skipping the infant seat!

Cosco Scenera Next ($59.98)

At just under $60, the Cosco Scenera Next is the cheapest convertible car seat on the market, but it’s also the shortest-lasting. Most kids will outgrow this seat around 2.5-3 years of age. But this seat can be used from birth if you want to save money by skipping the infant seat.

Full review here.

Safety 1st Jive ($109.99)

The Safety 1st Jive can often be found on sale for under $90. This seat won’t fit most kids until at least 6 months of age, so don’t skip the infant seat! This seat will last most kids until around 5 years of age.

Full review here.

Evenflo Sonus 65 ($119.99)

The Evenflo Sonus 65 fits well from birth and will last most kids until 5-6 years of age. It has a taller harness height than the other 2 convertible car seats on the list, so it’s a long-lasting option even for tall kids. It even has buckle tongue holders, which are usually only found on much pricier seats!

Forward-Facing Car Seats

This is an optional stage that not all kids need. If your child outgrows their convertible car seat before the age of 5, we recommend looking at these. If you go with the Cosco Scenera Next for the convertible car seat, you will need one of these for sure. Otherwise, skip down to the boosters!

Cosco Finale ($59.99)

The Cosco Finale (read review) is the cheapest forward-facing-only seat on the market. It will last most kids until around 5, at which point the child can move into a booster. While this seat does have a booster mode, we find that it does not give a good belt fit for most kids.

Evenflo Maestro Sport

Evenflo Maestro Sport ($114.99)

The Evenflo Maestro Sport is a good option for tall, skinny kids. It has a 50 pounds maximum, compared to the typical 65 pounds. But it has a taller harness height than either of the other 2 forward-facing seats on this list. Like the Cosco Finale, this seat does not make a good booster.

Full review here.

Graco Tranzitions

Graco Tranzitions (139.99)

The Graco Tranzitions is the only seat on this list that has 3 modes of use (harness, high back booster, and backless booster). The booster modes on this seat are useable, unlike the other 2 seats. This seat can be challenging to install in some vehicles.

Booster Seats

Boosters are for kids who are at least 5 years of age and have the maturity to sit properly at all times. Kids will use a booster until 10-12 years of age.

Evenflo GoTime LX

Evenflo GoTime LX ($44.99)

This is the cheapest high-back booster available. It has a backless booster mode as well. This one works well with some non-removable headrests. This seat comes with 2 cupholders.

Graco TurboBooster 2.0

Graco TurboBooster 2.0 ($59.98)

This booster has high back and backless modes. It has 2 cupholders. It’s very narrow so it will work in some 3 across situations. This seat does not work well in vehicles that have non-removable headrests as it must be flush with the vehicle seat.

Cosco Rise

Cosco Rise ($16.98)

This backless booster is very narrow and will work well in many 3-across situations. It only weighs 2 pounds, so it’s easy to carry from one car to another when needed.

read review here

Diono Solana 2

Diono Solana 2 ($59.99)

For higher percentile kids, this is the best backless booster available. It has a wide seat pan and has 120 pounds/63″ limits. This is the only booster on the list that has lower anchors.

Read review here

Cheapest Combinations of Seats

Planning a cost-effective yet safe journey for a child from infancy to when they’re ready to use just the adult seat belt (age 10-12) can involve strategic seat combinations. Here are four combinations tailored for different priorities:

  1. If you want to start with an infant seat, your cheapest option is going to be starting with the Evenflo NurtureMax. Once that seat is outgrown, you can move your child into the Safety 1st Jive. Assuming the child is at least 5 when they outgrow the Jive, they can move into the Evenflo GoTime LX, which should last them until they can fit into the adult seat belt. This will come out to around $225 before taxes.
  2. If you are ok starting out with a convertible car seat, you have 2 options that both cost around $158 before taxes:
    • You can start with an Evenflo Sonus from birth and use it until the child outgrows it, around 5-6 years of age. At that point, the child can go into the Evenflo GoTime LX.
    • You can start out from birth with the Cosco Scenera Next, which is outgrown around ages 2.5-3, and then move them into the Cosco Finale until age 5 or so. After that, the child can start using the Evenflo GoTime LX.

3. The last option uses just 2 seats in total, with a price of around $200 before taxes. You can start out with the Cosco Scenera Next from birth and then move onto the Graco Tranzitions once the first seat is outgrown around 2.5-3 years of age.

Additional Resources

For further information on specific car seat models, check out our recommended car seats page. We have a review or learn more page for each seat, and we note which ones are on sale. This page also has icons on each seat to let you know if it’s compact front-to-back, suitable for travel, or good for 3 across situations.

Families facing financial constraints may benefit from free car seat programs offered by local health departments, fire stations, or non-profit organizations aimed at providing car seats to those in need. This is a good place to start to find resources near you.

For assistance with car seat installation, seek guidance from certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) available through Safe Kids Worldwide, your car seat manufacturer or Safe in the Seat can ensure proper installation for optimal safety.

Additionally, some retailers, like Target, host periodic car seat trade-in events, allowing customers to exchange old car seats for a discount coupon of up to 20% off on new car seat purchases, promoting both safety and affordability.


In the journey of parenting, ensuring the safety and well-being of our children remains a top priority, especially when it comes to their protection on the road. Choosing the right car seat, though often challenging, is a vital investment in their safety and security. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored various facets of selecting budget-friendly yet reliable car seats that evolve with a child’s growth, from infancy to the transition to the adult seat belt. Remember, safety standards are non-negotiable, and while cost can be a factor, it should never compromise the quality and effectiveness of a car seat.

With an array of resources available, from trusted reviews to free programs and trade-in options, empowering yourself with knowledge and seeking assistance when needed ensures that your child rides safely in every journey. As parents, caregivers, and advocates for child safety, let’s continue to prioritize safe travels and secure rides for our most precious passengers. Your dedication to their safety today shapes their journey to a safer tomorrow.

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