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Car Seat Safety for the Toddler Stage

Toddler Stage

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Toddlers are tough. Keeping them safe doesn’t have to be.

We’re here to help.

You need a convertible car seat but are overwhelmed with how to choose the best one.

You know your child sits rear and forward facing… But which one and when? And how? And why?

You think you’re using the seat correctly, but you aren’t entirely sure.

You long for peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe in a car crash.

You want your child to feel comfortable while staying safe.

The Convertible Car Seat
Buying Kit

find your recommended car seat

$39 USD

Sick of searching for the best car seat? Been there, done that. Find your recommended car seat in under 30 minutes.

7Cs of car seat selection exercise

Interactive quiz

Customized list of YOUR recommended car seats

Companion downloadable workbook

Updated weekly with new seats, information, recommendations

12 months on-demand access


$149 VALUE

The Convertible Bundle

forever access to buying kit, convertible course & more

$99 USD

Save money and gain car seat confidence?! Yes, please! In this bundle, you’ll learn what car seat to choose AND how to use it.

The complete Convertible Car Seat Buying Kit and workbook

The complete Convertible Course and workbook

Forever access to both

22-page Caregiver Guide with checklists, scripts and an agreement

The Convertible Course

learn how to use your car seat

$79 USD


75% of parents are not using their car seat correctly, yet over 90% think they are! This course will ensure with 100% certainty that your child is riding safe through the rear and forward-facing years.

4+ hours of video content broken down in to bite-size pieces to build your confidence as you go

Companion downloadable workbook to customize course to your kid and car

Everything you need to know about convertible car seats, installation, harnessing, your vehicle, and so much more!

Forever on-demand access


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Potty Training & Car Seats

Potty training stinks and thinking about the potential for accidents in the car seat can be a real pain in the you know what! Let’s set up your vehicle, car seat and your kiddo for success with some tips and tricks for when they have to go when you’re on the go!

Why Rear-Facing is Safest

How long should your child ride rear-facing in their car seat? As long as possible! When your rear-facing child is in a properly installed car seat and harnessed correctly, their head, brain, neck, and spine are best protected in a car crash. Read your car seat manufacturer’s user manual to learn the maximum height, weight, and head height limits of your specific car seat. Max out those limits before you turn forward-facing. Long legs are never a concern when riding rear-facing.

How to use Lower Anchor Connectors

Do you know about this common car seat mistake? Your car seat’s lower anchor connectors (LATCH) have a weight limit. Once your child hits the weight specified by your car seat manufacturer, you must use the vehicle seat belt to install!



Why Rear-Facing is Safest

Learn the facts

How to Choose the Best Car Seat

Get the Guide

Winter Safety: What to Wear

Summer Safety

Free Download

virtual car seat

Personalized help with all things car seat safety


frequently asked


My child is already in a convertible car seat. Do I need the course?

We’re biased, but yes! No matter where you are in your journey, your child will be safer because you’ve invested in learning this information. It’s NEVER too late to build your car seat confidence.

If you’re feeling uncertain, anxious, scared, or confused about something you use every day to protect your child from one of their greatest risks, then this course may be just the stress reliever you need to get you on the fast track to peace of mind.

What if I don’t have a convertible seat yet?

If you’re undecided or haven’t purchased a convertible car seat yet, check out The Convertible Car Seat Buying Kit– it will help you find the perfect seat for your kid, car, and lifestyle in no time!

Does the Convertible Course cover rear and forward-facing?

It sure does! This course is the only one you will need from the time your child graduates from the infant stage until they are booster-ready.

Will you just tell me what car seat to buy?

The Car Seat Buying Kit will lead you to a list of recommended seats just for you! If you want our Safe in the Seat safety squad to tell you the exact seat to buy, schedule a Help Me Choose a Car Seat consult.

My kiddo is in an infant seat. Do I need this course yet?

If your child is in an infant seat and will be for some time, The Infant Course is for you! When it’s time to transition to a convertible car seat, grab the Convertible Car Seat Bundle so you can choose the right car seat for you and know exactly how to use it properly.

How do I know my child is ready to move from their infant seat to a convertible car seat?

You must have ESP! We have a video lesson dedicated to just this question. In short, your child is ready for a convertible car seat when they have reached the height limit, weight limit, OR head height clearance limit of their infant seat. You can also move to a convertible seat if the infant seat is becoming heavy or not so convenient anymore.

How long do I have access?

The Convertible Course has access forever; as long as we host the course, you can access it and any updates we make. The Convertible Buying Kit has 12 months of access from the date of purchase. If you bundle the Convertible Course and the Convertible Buying Kit, you will have forever access to both!

Is this applicable to the US and Canada?
Yes! Our kits, courses, and consults are for those in the US and Canada.


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